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ACLS - Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) refers to a set of clinical guidelines for the urgent and emergent treatment of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions that will cause or have caused cardiac arrest, using advanced medical procedures, medications, and techniques. ACLS expands on Basic Life Support (BLS) by adding recommendations on additional medication and advanced procedure use to the CPR guidelines that are fundamental and efficacious in BLS. ACLS is practiced by advanced medical providers including physicians, some nurses and paramedics.

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Training for medical professionals

Who should consider a ACLS certification?

Qualified Medical Professionals. ACLS certification is applicable to qualified medical professionals because it may involve intubating a patient and/or administering intravenous drugs. It is recommended for healthcare professionals and medical professionals who may have to respond to a cardiac emergency, including:

• Doctors

• Registered nurses (RNs)

• Paramedics

ACLS certification candidates will already know how to read ECGs, administer medications, basic anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. The candidate for ACLS certification will maximize the chances of success and help save more lives.

What is an ACLS  certification?

Healthcare/Medical professionals can optimize resuscitation efforts. Clear Lake's ACLS certification offers a set of clinical  algorithms for the treatment of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions ensuring healthcare professionals possess the skills and knowledge to support patients during cardiac arrest, stroke and other emergencies. 


ACLS addresses a number of conditions, including sudden cardiac arrest, acute coronary syndromes, stroke recognition, and treatment. It focuses on treatment areas such as minimal interruption of CPR and the integration of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) use. 

ACLS for Nurses

ACLS Certification is American Heart Association (AHA) approved. Nurses who work in critical, urgent or emergency care units often are required to be ACLS certified. Facilities where cardiac-related emergencies are common, such as senior care facilities, typically require ACLS certifications. RNs and LPNs are required to be certified and familiar with ACLS protocol.

In order to qualify for ACLS certification for nurses, the candidate must undergo either online or classroom training for the didactic portion of the material. The second part of ACLS certification involves practical training, testing and evaluation of competency.

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